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The Allelopathy Books was main organization and its subsidiary, International Allelopathy Foundation (IAF) were established in 1993, to develop and popularise the science of allelopathy Worldwide.

Their main objectives are: (a) To publish allelopathy literature viz., Journal and Books, (b) To translate and publish allelopathy literature from non-English languages to English and (c) To Organise Conferences on allelopathy.

The Allelopathy Books and IAF are self-sustaining organisations and does not receive funds from other Agencies and is successfully achieving its objectives. Briefly, (i).

Allelopathy Books and IAF are publishing the Allelopathy Journal since 1994 and has completed 54- Volumes till 2021, (ii). 3-Non-English Allelopathy Books were Translated to English language and Printed and (iii).

Organised 4- International Allelopathy Conferences in India in 1992, 1994, 1998, 2004 (iv). Organised 5-International Short Courses on Allelopathy in Italy, China, Tunisia.

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