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Commercial kitchen equipment plays quite a huge role in industrial and commercial kitchen. In the market of commercial kitchen Bestekloza India is a renowned name in this industry right now. It is founded by a group of professionals who devoted its formative years in creating innovative designs & comfy features to design kitchen for commercial use.

If you are looking for largest turnkey contractor solutions in designing a vast range of commercial kitchen accessories and fittings for restaurants, hotels, small and large scale industries, hospitals and nursing homes, pubs and so on, come to us. We are your one stop solution.

Our service includes manufacturing, supply and servicing the commercial Kitchen fittings & necessities from top-of-the-line ranges to the combination ovens& food processor. We have clients all over the world who appreciate our service, manufacturing and supply of kitchen equipment, lines and fittings.

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2C, Charu Chandra Avenue, Ground Floor, Near Rabindro Sarovar Metro, Kolkata-700031, West Bengal




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