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He hired interns to capture data of car sales and service businesses across India. The idea was to bring the businesses online via the Car Eager App and can easily be contacted in need. The data of 10,000+ Indian car businesses with GPS locations was successfully gathered.

During this time, he completed his graduation with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manipal University and met his co-founders - Sandeep, Chandan, Pranav & Rishabh. And the development of the Car Eager started.

Car Eager started as a company that was interested in building an only the Automotive Ecosystem. But during the development, the family realized that the problems could be addressed only if they set up their own network of car workshops. That would ensure control over price and quality, which is not truly possible in the franchise and aggregation models.

In mid-2016, after completing Post Graduation in Project Management from New Zealand’s Unitec Institute of Technology, Avinay joined a Gurugram-based startup to gain some hands-on management experience.

The story goes back to the early 1980s when young Vivek wanted to get into the automotive business. Back then, Ambassadors and Fiat 1100s were ruling the roads. When Vivek asked for financial help, one of his brothers told him to buy some tools and sit on the road in front of KMV college (Jalandhar) to earn money for his car workshop.

But despite all obstacles, with no family support, Vivek worked hard and managed to pursue his dreams. He also sold taps & faucets to fund the startup during its initial days. He embodies a perfect combination of grit & determination.

The business now has come a long way from those modest beginnings. The company now owns several large car workshops and has decades of relationship with India’s largest car maker. The name VM became synonymous with the high quality car services and bagged numerous awards.