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It's been said from the very onset of the human civilization that humans are the greatest assets of this world. What we believe at Farmket Private Limited is, that not only they're the greatest but the most productive beings ever! By keeping this in mind, we've designed a platform full of the most productive and greatest humankind possible!

We started off with a very humble beginning consisting of very limited resources and only a dedicated team of people whose life is devoted to working towards the betterment of the farming sector in India!

We've always worked considering the farmers as our deities cause they provide us the basic nutrients to work our body out! We worship our work as much as we worship the farmers of our country and we always look forward to serve you in the best way possible!

A great man once said, "Work today as you've to die tomorrow" and we at Farmket are the greatest believers of that philosophy! We are at a mission to completely transform the Agriculture Industry in India to a whole new level generating wealth and prosperity among the farmers and whole of the Industry! We consider our MISSION as our OBSESSION.

We strive each and everyday to be better than our past self and we constantly improve the degree of work quality. We look forward to serve you the best and have a great experience ahead with Farmket! Thank You For Being With Us! Team Farmket

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    Dharampal Singh s% Alam Singh, near shiv Mandir, Luhari, Uttar Pradesh-250611




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