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In the ‘Heart of Dixie’, a state which reverberates with a long tale of American history, Milo was born to a family which had mining as their occupational trade for generations. Milo, never had much of an interest in going to school. He followed his father’s footsteps and pursued mining from a very early age.

Although he never complained, he could not find his passion in what he was doing. The only time he would brighten up was during the family dinners. He would pray to God that his Mother serve a dish he hadn’t tasted before, but their meal usually ended up with hard bread and a blatant soup, almost every day.

One fine day, as Milo was on his way to work, he stumbled upon a rock and fell by the way side and tumbled into an underground cave, hurting his head and slipping into an unconscious state. When he woke up, he realized that the sun had already gone down. As he dusted himself up and strained to find his way up to the road, his eyes fell on a giant wooden spoon shining in the moon lit night. It was strange how new it looked as if it was placed there in the recent past. He couldn’t resist picking the spoon and making it his own.

That evening something happened to Milo which changed his life forever. His mother urged him to stir the daily soup in the cauldron and he gleefully did it with his newly acquired property. That night at the dinner there was spectacular commotion. Everyone sitting round across the wooden log rushed to take a second and a third helping of the soup and soon, the stock ran out.

The loaves of bread remained untouched and the dissatisfied faces turned towards the Mother and the Mother looked at Milo. Milo, in turn, looked at the large spoon kept in the corner. Nobody did understand what happened that night, except Milo. And he decided to keep it his secret.

Milo did not just use the spoon to good effect, he also learned what it did to ordinary cooking, how it transformed. He compared, he experimented and he started dishing out the finest food mankind could ever make.

Milo the miner found his true calling. Driven by his zeal to discover and learn the variety in cuisines across the world, he set out on a journey of discovery. Having traveled across the seven seas, Milo’s odyssey came to a new beginning upon reaching Kolkata.

Kouzina Mining Co brings to you the magical recipes of Milo the miner, who fell in love with Indian herbs and spices during his stay in England. He sailed across in a rickety boat to reach the eastern shores and made Kolkata his home.

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