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NRM Corporate Leasing – an NRM International group company, has been formed to assist multinational corporations with their real estate needs as they set up their operations in India.

We recognise that the search for appropriate real estate is one of the primary and most significant concerns for a newly established company. These early real estate related decisions are of paramount importance to achieving long term success. NRM Corporate Leasing is focused on providing the best assistance to India’s foreign business community in this most crucial of areas.

The needs of foreign corporate clients can best be recognised by a company that is staffed by individuals with international exposure, whilst simultaneously being familiar with the local area and its working practices.

We feel that as an ‘internationalised’ company we can play a part in bridging a cultural divide in India for our clients. We aim to show our clients that transparency, efficiency, and world-class customer service truly exist within the real estate sector in India.

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    14th Floor, Building – 5B, DLF Epitome (Cyber Terraces), DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon – 122002




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