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Project Rangamaati is a Grass root initiative to Empower Artisans of Bengal to break free from Exploitation & Poverty by enabling them to achieve financial independence through Sales of their handicrafts and handloom products.

We specialize in Organically Natural, Craft-based contemporary pieces, thus providing rural craft persons a platform to use their Generation Old traditional Weaving, Dyeing, fabric printing and Hand carving techniques. It is a one-stop destination for Authentic & Exclusive Eco-Friendly cottage and rural Industry based Clothing& handicrafts from every corner of Bengal.

We are working with underprivileged and below poverty line people and those who get just One Meal per day, they have No Shelter for a living and they have No Permanent source of Income, sometimes it’s less than Rupees 500/Month and for many months it’s much lesser too.

All our Artists and Crafts Women are deprived people of Tribal /Remote Villages, not only their children are suffering from Malnutrition, Lack of Education, proper Sanitation and a healthy life but to a large extent being deprived of Basic Human rights and Socio recognition.

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    5, Uma Das Ln, Esplanade, Janbazar, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700013




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