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Samir Security Pvt. Ltd. has been one of the pioneers in the Indian Private Security Industry. Set up in 2010, the company has been a thought and knowledge leader since its inception. Through the one decades of its existence, Samir Security Pvt. Ltd Security Guard In Kolkata has endeavored to provide the best security solutions to its customers through innovation, Security Guard In Kolkata commitment to quality, training and strict compliance to international standards.

The importance of security cannot be stressed enough, be it personal or organizational. To cater the increasing demand for the kind of security service you can always rely on us at Samir Security Pvt. Ltd. At Bureau of Industrial Security Services, we provide state-of-the art security service round the clock. Every security personnel are empowered to provide a range of ‘reliable’ trustworthy, high efficiency, security services. It gives us extra capability in mobilizing resources and personnel to meet existing and emerging needs.

At Samir Security Pvt. Ltd., we have a formidable team of experienced, expert, dedicated, professional and result oriented personnel who are highly trained and motivated to provide superior quality security services and with powerful personal reputations in the business.

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