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Setco is technical leader in the design, manufacture, and service of precision spindles, milling heads, slides, and spindle/slide combinations.

Setco is a major spindle manufacturer with over 275,000 spindles in the field, both new and rebuilt, that include belt-driven, geared, motorized, high speed and high frequency models.

In addition, Setco offers a complete line of precision linear slides – dovetail, hardened way and linear rail slides in 21 standard sizes and hundreds of standard catalog models.

Who we serve: Setco products serve the automotive, aerospace, construction, die/mold, cabling and winding, plastics, woodworking, stone cutting and general metalworking industries.Through its nine global locations, Setco is the industry forerunner in the repair and servicing of spindles for over 350 machine tool brands. Through acquisitions, Setco is the home of MASTER, POPE and WHITNON, NEO brand spindles, slides, and modules.

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