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Complex IT projects are not built by individuals. Here at Seven N Consulting Pvt Ltd, our focus is on helping companies build high-performance IT project teams. We strongly believe that relatively small teams staffed by top quality people outperform any other type of IT project teams. By outperform, we mean achieve a lower overall cost, reduce risk and improve delivery times.

At Seven N Consulting Pvt Ltd, we have developed a proprietary evaluation framework called The Secret Code to assist us in staffing and building winning teams for some of the world’s most influential private and public organizations.

Technical capabilities are important, but the secret to a truly first-class IT Professional lies in his or her personal and social skills.

What makes the successful consultant stand out? Why do companies compliment one consultant’s performance yet write off another’s as simply adequate – even if, on paper, the two have similar qualifications?

Finding the answer to these questions is vital for us, because our ambition is to be the leading agency for top IT Professionals and clients within the public and private sector that have IT as an integral part of their business models or solutions.

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