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Our products are just a small picture of our very own mother earth. All SigmaScott Pvt Ltd products always serve a good cause that helps different communities in different ways. All our craft items are made from the abundantly available gifts from the earth that do not tinker with the environment like other, synthetic items and can be easily disposed of after years of use, which will be like giving back to the earth.

These beautiful crafts also portray a side of the world that you may have never imagined of. A side where we have some of the most gifted craftsmen and craftswomen. SigmaScott Pvt. Ltd. is on a mission to give them the limelight they have always been missing. We and you together promise these artists, the gift of employment that, unlike others empowers them with the confidence of earning one’s own living along with women empowerment.

While the world is moving as fast as Starman on a Tesla, we have had no time to turn back and look at our pasts. SigmaScott Pvt. Ltd. is here to give you a taste of the past with products that are traditionally handcrafted by our skillful artists who manage to give these items a modern twist.

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