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Steel Vintage was founded in 2009 by brothers Jon and Martin. With a relentless drive, they quickly established themselves as innovative leaders in the industry of restored vintage industrial furniture.

After spending three years producing the best polished and customised vintage metal furniture available in the UK, they saw the potential for new demand in the market that would fuel their creative passion. Having restored hundreds of early 20th Century steel furniture pieces such as school lockers, filing cabinets and tanker desks they were able to use this wealth of experience and knowledge to create their market-leading range of original handmade industrial style furniture.

Since 2012 they have been focusing on producing a unique range of vintage industrial inspired furniture. Each piece is created for modern living and working environments while still maintaining an authentic industrial appearance. A careful combination of traditional and contemporary manufacturing techniques ensures just the right balance between old and new.

Their ambition is to continue with innovative furniture which will incorporate quality materials, industrial craftsmanship, and above all, will last a lifetime.

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