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Details Of HR planning and recruitment

Transcend HR Consultancy is Government Approved Recruitment Agency India and recognized as one of the most elite employment agency in India (Approved by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs).

Transcend HR consultancy is the principle unit of Transcend Group of Companies, rendering services for human resources development. We constantly strive to provide excellent services to our clients and Job seekers spread across Globally.

The heart of our business rests in Chennai, India from where we provide direct recruitment services, specializing in the long term or short term placements of skilled workers to Overseas Oil & Gas end-user, Industrial Service Contractors, EPC Contractors Etc.

Transcend HR Consultancy stands as an epitome of ingenuity for incorporating the latest innovations in areas of testing & training facilities and equipment.

Way back in the ’80s, Mr. Mustaq Ahmed was working as an Electrician Oil & Gas Rig Platform. During his course of work, he found out an emerging demand for skilled workers in various technical categories for Gulf countries.

Being quick to realize the difficulties of the employers to hire workers without the required skill set, Mr. Mustaq made up his mind to begin a recruiting company which would give value-added service with training and testing candidates technically in their desired category.

This concept gave rise to Transcend HR Consultancy in 1989. Since then, Transcend is devoted to providing top quality recruitment solutions to a varied spectrum of clients, from large multinational companies to small or medium enterprises across this fast-paced region.

The company ensures simplified, time effective recruitment process by shortlisting the right kind of candidates through personality evaluation, then the time came to Transcend HR Consultancy to be Government Approved Recruitment Agency India.

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